3 Reasons Why You Need an Exit Interview for Your Coaching Business

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3 Reasons Why You Need an Exit Interview for Your Coaching Business

So, your coaching client finished a strong 3 months of coaching with you and now it's time for them to say good-bye. Now what??

Give them an Exit Interview!

An Exit Interview is a short questionnaire for them to fill out for them to better see the value they got from their coaching. Not only that, but here are other reasons why you need an Exit Interview for your coaching business:

  1. Let them see the value for themselves: Ask several different questions where they can easily see how much value they got in return from coaching with you! You can tell them over and over how great it was, but it's not until they see it for themselves that they'll believe and internalize it.

    You can ask questions like: What have you achieved from the coaching? What limiting beliefs have you let go of? With this new perspective, what are the best things about your life now?

  2. Future Referrals: Add a section for them to plug in any friends or family they can refer you to. This is an awesome way to keep client spots filled without too much marketing effort on your part! 🙌

  3. Testimonials: This is a great way to ask for a testimonial without feeling too pushy because it's just part of the questionnaire! Ask them to write a general review of their experience working with you like they’re talking to a friend. The more authentic of a review, the better. Because coaching isn't a physical product, testimonials are crucial for people to gain their trust in you and your coaching capabilities.

An Exit Interview is such a simple way to remind your clients of all of the value they received from working with you and how much their life has changed because of it! Simplify the business side of things by making and using an Exit Interview. You'll save a lot of time from not writing emails from scratch every time and will instead simply forward the Exit Interview for them to fill out. 🤘


Need an Exit Interview that is already designed and ready to go?

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3 Reasons Why You Need an Exit Interview for Your Coaching Business

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