5 Life Coaching Topics You Can Easily Teach Your Audience

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Thinking of new content every time you post is hard. First of all, you probably don't even want to be posting on social media, but know how important it is, so it's usually not a priority or something that's enjoyable to do.

When you think of creating content that educates your audience, a whole new world of content possibilities open up. 

Here are 5 life coaching topics you can easily teach your audience and will take you just minutes to create from start to finish:

1. Thoughts: All thoughts are optional, thoughts are not facts, facts vs thoughts, past stories you tell yourself... I know you can think of at least a dozen different types of "thought" content!

2. Lower brain: The difference between upper and lower brain thinking, how the lower brain helps you, how you need to override lower brain thoughts, etc.

3. Buffering: What buffering even is, ways we buffer negative thoughts, how it's a coping mechanism, etc.

4. Life coaching myths: I know you've heard of many different wrong takes on what people think life coaching is. Use those opinions and set the record straight!

5. Your areas of expertise and how you can help, serve and make their life better. Sometimes people don't know how you can even help them, so sometimes you gotta just spell it out for them.

I made a quick IG Reel explaining these different topics if you are more of a visual learner that you can find here:


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Ok, great, I have the ideas, now how do I say it?

In ways of presenting these topics on your social media, you can put together an easy Reel just explaining one of the topics. (Much like the one I have linked above. No dancing or lip syncing required! You got this!)

You can also find a photo that ties in with one of the topics.


Want to make posting even faster??

Grab the Life Coach Starter Pack where you can find templates already created for you with topics like these and so much more! 


It's time to work smarter and not harder when the work is already done for you!

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