5 Ways a Client Welcome Packet Will Simplify Your Coaching Business

Client Welcome Packet Coaching Business Essentials

5 Ways a Client Welcome Packet Will Simplify Your Coaching Business
Congratulations! You've just signed on a coaching client. Now it's time to fill them in on all of the expectations and details in... a boring email. 
No, way! Look professional & legit and save yourself so much time by using a Client Welcome Packet instead of writing out a long email.

What is a Client Welcome Packet?

A Client Welcome Packet is a brief summarization of what your client can expect working with you. From an outline of their investment to resources and FAQs, the welcome packet is an easy way to welcome your on-boarding client.

5 Ways a Client Welcome Packet Will Simplify Your Coaching Business:

Now that you know what a Client Welcome Packet is and the importance of one, here are 5 reasons why it will be a life savor for your business:
  1. Save time. No need to write an email from scratch every time you on-board a new client. Type out all of your info 1 time and easily send it to your new  clients.
  2. Organized information all in one place. Instead of wasting time answering emails about the coaching process, a welcome packet has all of the session info in one place and answers FAQs so the client can go through and answer their own questions from the packet. Win-win!
  3. Lay out expectations. The packet is the perfect way to bring up expectations and boundaries regarding the business side of coaching. If you don't take calls after 4pm, lay it down in the packet. Do you do monthly payments or only take 100% of the cash upfront, make sure it's well known to your client in the packet.
  4. Humanize yourself. Include a short and sweet bio of yourself. It's likely they chose you because they somewhat know you, but add some quirky things about yourself and maybe you and your clients will have something in common. When you become relatable, it humanizes you and helps your client to feel more comfortable around you.
  5. Show your appreciation. Help your clients feel valued, appreciated and like they made the smart choice by working with you. There are hundreds of other coaches they could be working with, but they chose you. Really go out of your way to show your appreciation for signing on with you. You can make this known in a "Thank You" page in the packet.

Client Welcome Packets are such a time saver in the on-boarding process. What else would you add? 


Want to save even more time with creating your own Client Welcome Packet?

Grab the Client Welcome Packet template where everything is already written out and organized for you. All you have to do is type in your personal messaging and business info and it's done! Plus, it also includes other time saving resources like: homework worksheets, Exit Interview, client session notes and more! Find it in the shop!

5 Ways a Client Welcome Packet Will Simplify Your Coaching Business

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