6 Things to Include in Your Client Welcome Packet

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6 Things to Include in Your Client Welcome Packet
Client Welcome Packets are a genius way to: save yourself a lot of time, set down expectations and look professional & like you have your business together when on-boarding new clients. It makes the on-boarding transition very seamless and keeps you and your client organized.
Ok, that all sounds pretty great, but what exactly does one put in their welcome packet??

Here are 6 things to include in your Client Welcome Packet:

      1. Welcome message. Show your appreciation for your new client by starting off with a glad-you're-here message. This helps your clients feel valued, appreciated and like they made the smart choice by working with you. There are hundreds of other coaches they could be working with, but they chose you. Really go out of your way to show your appreciation for signing on with you. You can also make this known again in a closing "Thank You" page in the back of the packet.

      2. Coaching package overview. Be sure to be clear on what you do and don't do; what comes with your offer and what may be an additional fee. It's best to be crystal clear in the beginning so if you do get questions like, "Wait, can we extend just 15 more minutes to our call?" you'll have a definite answer and won't feel like you're not treating all of your clients differently.

        You don't want to create feelings of resentment towards your clients. Set up expectations from the beginning.

      3. Short bio about yourself. It's likely they've chosen to work with you because they somewhat know you and feel like your personalities will be a good fit. But if not, it's fun to do a quick introduction of yourself and list off some things you like to see if the two of you have anything in common. It makes you human and is an easy way to form a great connection.

      4. Coaching outline. For most people, you are their first life coach and don't really know what to expect. Let them know how a coaching call goes, how they will communicate for their sessions (video chat, phone call, in person, etc) things they can talk about, any resources they have, and any possible expectations you have for them, like completing homework before the next session.

      5. FAQs. Again, this is probably their first time doing coaching, so it's great to have a list of common questions that you can easily answer and then invite your client to email you if they have any additional questions. This helps to make your life easier so you're not answering a bunch of emails all day!

      6. Payment. This portion can be completely optional. Payment expectations can be sent through a different way or along with the welcome packet. Either way, make sure you are specifying their wonderful investment choice & be clear how and when payment should occur.
Welcome packets are such an easy, organized and informative way to greet your clients and talk about the nitty-gritty without feeling too overbearing.
What else would you add to your welcome packet?

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6 Things to Include in Your Client Welcome Packet

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