Easy Content Creation for Mindfulness

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Easy Content Creation for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is such a powerful tool for anyone's toolbox so it's a no-brainer why so many people are trying to practice it and why coaches in particular put a heavy emphasis on it.


If you are a coach and are spending hours always trying to come up with new ways to teach mindfulness to your social media audience or 1:1 clients, there is an easier way to do this. I'm talking, saving you at least 6-10 hours PER WEEK of precious time!


Grab the Mindfulness Life Coach Template Pack where there are over 60 IG posts to make social media content a breeze because you are saving HOURS of time on content creation. Draw in clients & educate your audience with educational, connection building posts. Use the GIFs and static posts on your social media to educate your community & be a beacon for knowledge and support. This organically draws in clients who want to work with you!

There are also over 15 thought-work worksheets specifically on creating awareness around mindfulness to help you be a better support for your clients. The worksheets help them build awareness around their thoughts and to help YOU look professional & put together! Find worksheets such as: Allowing Negative Thoughts, Conscious Creator, Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs, Creating Mindfulness in Everyday Tasks, Appreciation Practice, Self-Awareness Check-In and more!

You will find so much value in all of the TIME you will save from having these resources at your fingertips and your clients and audience will also find so much value in the practical and useful ways you can teach them about the power of mindfulness!


The templates in the Mindfulness Life Coach Pack are strategically and purposefully designed to teach and engage with your audience all on the topic of mindfulness. But what's also great is you don't have to leave it at mindfulness. The templates are customizable so you are able to put in a plug for anything you want to talk about! In fact, I encourage you to customize them! The foundation is built for you so you're not wasting hours of time on content creation.

I know you will find success using these templates! If you are ready to get started on saving more time and boosting your business, you can buy the pack here!

I am rooting for you because I want you to have the business that reflects the great coach that you are!

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