Get 30% off your entire order now until the end of 2023!! No coupon needed!
Get 30% off your entire order now until the end of 2023!! No coupon needed!
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FREE Email Newsletter Opt-In Templates!

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free email opt-in templates to build your email list

Did you know email subscribers are waaaayyy more likely to buy your courses/programs/sessions from you than your social media followers??

There are tons of statistics proving how effective email newsletter lists are, so I'm not going to dive into it here, but I am going to provide an easy way to draw people in to want to sign up for your email list.


By giving you FREE email newsletter opt-in templates!


Having a free gift that they dearly want is the first step for someone to give you their email address and therefore, be put on your newsletter list. No one just gives out their email, unless it's for something they really, really want and think will help better their lives, which is where an awesome freebie comes in.

5 Email Newsletter Opt-in Templates Freebies

Keep in mind, these are templates and you can customize them at any time, but these are some ideas with real text (no filler text!) already built into the templates:

. How to Achieve Your Goals

. How to Find the Root of Any Problem

. 10 Tips to Create Strong Boundaries

. 20 Affirmations to Get You Out of a Funk

. 5 Ways to Build Your Confidence

So for example, let's say you are a weight loss coach and maybe instead of "5 Ways to Build Your Confidence," you would change it to "5 Ways to Keep the Weight Off." And you can bet people will be putting in their emails to grab that freebie!

To get 5 free email newsletter templates that will help you build your email newsletter list, buy any template pack in the shop! As part of my Black Friday sale, everything is 30% off + 5 free email newsletter opt-in templates!

This seriously is the best freebie and I know it'll help your business SO MUCH! Which is why I'm so happy to provide it.

So head on over to the shop and get those free templates!

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