How to Build Your Life Coaching Business on Instagram

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You have your website, you've already coached some friends and family and you are ready to get serious about your coaching business. You are ready to dig in and do this and be the best coach for your people! But finding clients and growing your audience is ROUGH.
Growing on Instagram isn't what it used to be. There are over 2 billion people using IG and getting seen keeps getting harder and harder.
So, what are you to do to stand out and grow and build your business using IG??

Here are 4 ways you can build your audience on IG which will grow your business giving you results and $$$!!

1. Educate. Educate. EDUCATE!

The best way to grow and establish yourself on IG is positioning yourself as THE coach for your people through educating them.

Educational posts give valuable information that makes people excited for more. They are an "ah-ha!" moment. They solve a problem your audience has which gives you a lot of credibility and forms trust. You will quickly become their go-to person for tips and solutions to their troubles. As you become their #1 in that field, they will share your truths and resolutions with their friends and family. This is a fantastic way to grow organically and have true followers.

These educational posts are becoming more & more popular as they are so easily consumed. One can quickly get the gist of what the post is about and then move on or read the caption to find out more.

Not only can you position yourself as the expert, but these posts are a great opportunity to tag other accounts & ask for opinions from your community. These posts are great ways for people to easily share with their friends (new eyes) and save for later.

This type of content on social media is:
. Snippets of tools you teach
. How they can implement practices into their own lives
Why they need it
. Tips or hacks
. Positive spin on a painpoint 
. Showing people what you do
. What life coaching even is (for a lot of people, life coaching is still a new thing)
. How you can help them (with specific problems and answers)
What does educating as a life coach look like on social media? Here are some examples using the templates I've created:
thought awareness
Teaching a tool. (Mindfulness Life Coach Pack)
Educating why a certain tool is important and helpful. (Mindfulness Life Coach Pack)
Debunking myths, answering common questions, setting information right. (Body Positivity Life Coach Pack)
Why this tool is helpful, how coaching with you can further help them in this specific area. (Life Coach Starter Pack)

2. Entertainment

One of the most engaging types of posts are those that are entertaining. Some of the best kinds of humor are what we find relatable. Your personal experiences and common themes in your niche will be what you want to aim for. Keep your entertainment posts relevant to your niche and expertise. 

GIFs and memes are a straight-shot to well received entertainment. They are funny, understandable and emotional. People can't help themselves to engage with things they find so relevant to what they're going through or have experienced.

This type of content on social media looks like:
. Silly, but related to what you do
. Something that your audience can connect to
. Easy engagement/participation
Community participation. Relatable meme. (Christmas Engagement Pack)
Funny, relatable quote or saying. (Mom-Life Engagement Pack)
Funny GIF or meme that's relatable, forms connection. (Mom-Life Engagement Pack)

3. Connection

Connection posts are the ones where you share your personal stories & truths. They are relatable, emotional and raw. Your audience is able to share these experiences with you and have an understanding of what you went through or are going through. These kind of posts are the "me too!" posts where people WANT to comment and share their own stories with you. They feel part of a community of like-minded people with similar interests and life moments.

They can also be introduction posts where you share things about yourself and see if anyone else has anything in common with you.

GIFs and memes are great ways to easily portray emotions and get your point across. When people feel close to something, they want to comment on it or share it with their friends! Think about it, how many times have you shared a meme with a friend because of how relatable it was? GIFs and memes easily hit multiple target points in how they form connections and are entertaining. Make it educational and you've hit the top 3!

This type of content on social media looks like:
. Polls/questions
. Inviting them into your DM for more info
. Something most people in your audience has in common and can bond over. Something that is relatable.
. Voting on something. True or false.
. Inviting to share their thoughts or experiences.
. Going LIVE and answering questions or commenting on what people say
. Community contests/opinions
. Share things about yourself
. "Me too" moments
Voting, gaining information from audience, gathering opinions. (Mom-Life Engagement Pack)
Polls, voting, finding things in common, bonding. (Life Coach Starter Pack)
Community contests, opinions, inviting audience to share. (Christmas Engagement Pack)

4. Promotion

Basically any post that's used to market your business is a promotional type of post. Marketing posts get the lowest amount of engagement. People aren't really going to share or save a sale or new product. Sure, some do if they are really looking forward to it and think their friends and family would benefit from it as well, but generally these posts don't perform in that way.

The best kinds of marketing are those that are relatable, entertaining and form connections. Getting your product out there resulting in sales isn't the same as sharing a tip or valuable knowledge. BUT educational, connection and entertainment posts lead up to the sale. People won't buy from you until they know, trust and connect to you.

This type of content on social media looks like:
. Testimonials
. Reviews
. Marketing your coaching/courses/programs
. Brand awareness
. Offers
Promoting/marketing products/offers/courses/programs. (Life Coach Starter Pack)
- - -
Growing on IG takes time, but by doing it slow, you are sure to attract the right audience who are ready and willing to be coached and/or buy your offers.
You can also make it easier on yourself by grabbing a few template packs where these concepts are already created for you. Most of the templates hit multiple targets (educate, entertain, connect, promote), which make building your business that much easier! 
Shop the templates now to see which ones fit your business best and remember, they are 100% customizable so you can tweak them to fit your business and message!

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