How to Create a Life Coach Christmas Marketing Strategy for 2021

Christmas content marketing marketing strategy

How to Create a Life Coach Christmas Marketing Strategy for 2021

The Christmas season is such a busy time normally, but add a business on top of everything else and it's a lot. 😱 You shouldn't have to sacrifice your family time in order to grow your business during the greenest time of the year. (Yes, I'm talking about getting that money, honey!) Which is why I want to introduce planning your Christmas content marketing ahead so you have more time to actually enjoy the season and be with your family.

Planning your Christmas marketing launch:

Just about any marketing strategy on Instagram follows the same pattern:

      1. Engage/form connections/give value
      2. Introduce the product for sale
      3. Start over again

What makes the Christmas season different is being more intentional about the timing of when you'll market your product and possibly you're offering it more often.

This is where you start your planning. Pick a date when you want to launch your sale based on your audience's buying patterns, convenient dates, etc. From there, plan out how long you want your launch to last. Usually 3-6 days is pretty standard.

Things to include in your marketing launch:

  • What the product is.
  • How the product will make them feel/solve their problems/simplify their life.
  • Testimonials from past clients/customers.
  • Your own personal story(ies) about how the product makes you feel and perhaps why you created it. You could also include why you feel inclined to make the product and your mission to help others with it.

Plan out 3-6 days worth of content with these things topics in mind. An example could look like this:

Day 1: Introduce the product and tell 1 point on how it will make their life easier.

Day 2: Give a testimonial from a customer and how it made their life better.

Day 3: Tell a personal story about why you created the product and how it helps make your life better and in turn helps others.

Day 4: Last day of sale. Tell another point on how the product will make them feel and solve a problem.

Planning the rest of the month:

Now that you know when and how long your marketing launch will last, you can plan out the rest of the month. Make sure to include lots of engaging posts where you ask an easy question and your audience can answer it. GIFs and memes work amazingly well for engagement. Also include educational posts where you teach 1 new concept per post that relates to what you do. Form connections by sharing personal stories or real life snippets of what your life is like aside from your business. 

With these powers combined, your audience is more than happy to make the purchase after you've taken the time to build an actual relationship with them. 🙌


Don't have time to plan a Christmas marketing strategy?

No worries, I've got you covered! I know that sometimes there literally isn't enough time to create your own marketing strategy which is why I've created one for you. It's called The Life Coach Christmas Content Marketing Strategy where I've outlined WHAT to post and WHEN to post for each day during the December 2021 calendar year. All you have to do is add in your personal message/product and post it. I would guess it would easily take you less than 10 minutes per day (I would say more like 5 minutes per day!) to post to social media to build up relationships and make sales during your launch. Find The Life Coach Christmas Content Marketing Strategy in the shop!

The Life Coach Christmas Content Marketing Strategy


How to Create a Life Coach Christmas Marketing Strategy for 2021

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