How to Get IG to Work FOR YOU

How to get IG to work for you.

There are a lot of these "social media experts" and gurus telling everyone what they should and shouldn't be doing on social media.

I know you know who I'm talking about and you probably even have a specific person in mind!

I know this because I used to be like this. I would follow every "expert" I could to figure out algorithms, best times to post, how many times to post, hashtags, any tip I could possibly grasp onto to help me grow and have success on IG.

These people left me feeling frantic, overwhelmed and drained by social media and like I could never mount up to the pressures of being successful. (You mean I'm supposed to post 3x/day, go on Stories every hour and go Live 2x/week?? Nope.)

It was rough! And I can only bet you're feeling the same way, which is why I want to proclaim to the world that making IG work for you doesn't have to be so hard and there really aren't that many rules for doing it right. You actually get to pick and choose how you want IG to work for you!

Let's dive in on what exactly I mean.


How to get IG to work FOR you:

The Notebook, "What do you want?"

Figure out what exactly it is you want out of IG.

Do you want more sales, a better community or a platform to share your thoughts?

Do you want to post everyday or 1 or 2 times a week?

Which kind of content feels easiest for you to create on IG: static posts, Reels, Lives, Stories, etc.


Really give these questions some thought and write it down if you need to.


After you are able to answer those questions and have a sense on how IG can be a fun tool that uses your strengths, then it's so much easier to create content for it!

Instagram becomes something you want to do rather than something you have to do. And what a difference that makes!

You get to choose how IG works for you. You call the shots on when and how you want to show up based on what feels fun and easy for you.

When your audience and new audiences see your true light and ease for showing up, they buy into that. They want more of that energy and no amount of posting 3x/day, showing up on Stories every hour will ever give those same results. They just won't. People can see right through the bull crap, even on a screen. 

Isn't this the best news ever??!

You get to be you and you get to choose how exactly you do it!


IG Content Creator Strategy Workbook

If you're feeling like you would like to have more direction on how to go about this, download The IG Content Creator Strategy Workbook.

This workbook gets down to the nitty gritty on why you may have an unhealthy relationship with social media and how to overcome it.

It also dives into how to create valuable content that your audience craves and helps you set up a system that works FOR YOU.

This workbook is especially helpful right now as you are prepping your content for the holiday season! Right now through November 4th, it is 30% off!

I want you to be creating the best content that is right and easy for you and this will show you how. 😊

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