How to Set Expectations & Boundaries in Your Coaching Business

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How to set expectations and boundaries in your coaching business

The best advice I can give stay-at-home-moms who are running their own business: 

Is to keep work and home life separate! It has helped me so much in being more productive and not having my attention constantly divided. 😵‍💫

Many coaches have "unlimited access" as part of their coaching packages. This could be via Marco Polo or Voxer or text or calls. Any form of open communication to have access to your services at all times.

And I understand why they do this because sometimes questions or situations can't seem to wait until the next scheduled coaching call, but are these client interruptions draining you out?

If they aren't and offering unlimited access feels good and aligned with you, read no further.

But if you feel overstimulated by constantly switching tasks from helping a client to helping your kids, I'm confident you already know that you need to create some boundaries with your clients.

When you are getting burned out by your clients, you won't be your best in helping them and feelings of resent might even start popping up.


So how do you stop this cycle?

Set clear expectations and boundaries in the beginning and quit offering unlimited access as part of your coaching packages.

The Client Welcome Pack is full of pages where you are able to do exactly that - outline your coaching expectations and boundaries so clients know exactly what they can expect from you and their coaching experience.

3+ templates included to  help you set expectations & boundaries in your biz


From letting them know when and how they can contact you, when their scheduled sessions are, what happens if a session is missed, what's included in their investment to FAQs, the Client Welcome Pack makes it super simple and easy to lay out all of your expectations and boundaries when signing on new clients.  

This template pack is so resourceful and a favorite by many who have purchased it!


 What to do with clients who you have already offered this unlimited access to and how do you make the switch?

That's up to you. If you feel like your unlimited services aren't getting used that much, you could make an exception that each day around 3pm you'll check your messages and get back to their questions during that time. Or maybe even once a week!

If you have a client who uses the unlimited access pretty often, do what feels right and good for you. You may even need to drop them as a client if they are a straining relationship and that's ok. Or maybe you keep them on until their contract is up and stick it through. Either way, do what feels right in the moment and then start fresh after that client is through.


Why it's important to set expectations and boundaries in your biz:

By setting up clear expectations and boundaries, you are able to show up more fully and presently in your business and with your clients. 

When you schedule out certain times for work, that frees up your brain to be more present in what you are currently doing. This also saves you more TIME! It takes time to be constantly having your attention divided.

I have a Reel on my IG that explains exactly this and why it's so important to utilize as a business owner!

I want you to be the best coach and mother you can be and a good place to start is setting boundaries in your business!

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