Learn How to Create Content With Your Extra Time This Summer

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How is your summer going?

Is it crazy and hectic with kids home 24/7 or are you finding yourself with more time on your hands than usual?

If you answered "yes" to the latter and are looking for ways to fill in that time, check out the The Life Coach's Guide to Creating Content.

IG Content Creator Strategy Workbook

Creating or planning content is a huge bummer for most people. It either sucks up hours of time or they're not sure what kind of content they should even be creating for their audience!

That's where this super helpful guide comes into play.

Life Coach's Guide to Creating Content

It's a short workbook with less than 60 pages that will help you know what kind of content you should be creating for your audience and how to make it super simple and fast!

Walk away with a clear messaging strategy in less than a week!

Never run out of content ideas and know exactly what to post each and every time you create content.

There are also additional strategy aids like IG Tips and Hacks, all about Hashtags and more!

Life Coach's Guide to Creating Content

Find some amazing bonus material which is also included like what to put in your IG bio, branding crash course, ways to grow on IG and more!

IG Content Creator Strategy Workbook

Get your content strategy up and running before school starts or better yet, before the holiday season sneaks up on you..!

Check out more of what this workbook can do for you by finding more info here.

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