Reel Trends I'm Loving That I Think are Here to Stay

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Anytime there is something new on IG, there are a million "experts" out there telling you what you should and shouldn't do. Trends come and go, but these Reels trends I have a feeling are here to stay:


. Text over the video.

Take a recording of yourself doing something related to your business, but not engaging with the camera. Instead of talking, type out the words on the screen and the text covers a big portion of the screen.

Why do I see this staying? Because it gives you an opportunity to share something in your business that is behind the scenes, and also gives you the chance to share an important message.



. Talking to the camera for the full length of time. 

Yes, you heard me. No dancing, pointing, different angles or tricky transitions. While those things are still entertaining and fun, I really see true fans in your audience really appreciating the longer time you are taking to really explain a concept or share a valuable story. These may not ever become viral, but true content that your audience enjoys and benefits from.



. Using your own audio recording instead of music or voiceovers.

This goes along with talking to the camera, but I also see Reels becoming more organic and original. I've found it really annoying to see the same videos, but with different topics, with the same trendy music over and over. It gets really boring and it's more entertaining when you see something new and original.

Example  (This sound bite has hardly been used believe it or not.)


Alright, what do you think? Are these trends here to stay or will they be leaving?

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