Get 30% off your entire order now until the end of 2023!! No coupon needed!
Get 30% off your entire order now until the end of 2023!! No coupon needed!
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Ultimate Gift Guide for Life Coaches

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 Ultimate Gift Guide for Life Coaches

Do you have a life coach in your life and want to show your support for what they're doing? These are some practical and relatable items for life coaches.


1. Great pens. Essential.

2. Paper planner for scheduling clients and planning how their day will go. This one is also great for planning out their year and setting business goals.

3. Guided journal for thought downloads. I specifically love the I'm Doing Awesome journal from The Alison Show.

4. Headspace subscription for guided meditations to get in the right mindset for business and clients.

5. Priority notepad. Great for prioritizing what needs to get done and what would be nice if it got done.

6. Wireless earbuds for taking calls with clients or meetings.

7. Life Coach Starter Template Pack. Great for saving hours of time creating social media content.

8. Letter board for putting up high vibe quotes. Obviously.

9. Coaching and business mindset books. Some favorites:

10. Water bottle to stay hydrated.

11. You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be keychain because it's the little things.

12. Client Welcome Pack Templates for onboarding new clients, organizing sessions and homework worksheets.

13. "I was made for this" inspiration sticker.


If you are a life coach, what else would you add to this list?

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