Get 30% off your entire order now until the end of 2023!! No coupon needed!
Get 30% off your entire order now until the end of 2023!! No coupon needed!
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Your December Marketing Content Done-For-You

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your December content done for you

What would it feel like to have all of your December marketing content done-for-you? How would you spend your time during the holidays?

Oh, and did I mention that includes graphics AND captions?? 

You'd literally be free to spend it however you want! You'd say yes to holiday movies every weekend and making all of the yummy treats with your kids. You wouldn't miss out on Christmas concerts or parties.

When you're able to save hours of time during your regular work week, I'm betting you're using that time to be with your family even more during the holiday season. (And if you're not, no judgement here! Use that extra time to for other improvements on your biz!)

So what's this magical tool that will save you hours of time during the holidays?

It's The Life Coach Christmas Content Marketing Strategy and it was created so your business can run on auto-pilot so you can spend the holidays how you want to! 🙌

What makes this strategy so great:

1. It has a carefully crafted marketing timeline specific to the December 2022 calendar year. This strategy tells you what to post and when to post. The timeline starts with:

  • Educational and connection building posts to help your audience warm up to you, if they haven't already. This also helps with the algorithm when you are posting daily, your campaign posts are more likely to get seen.
  • Main marketing campaign for your course/program/sessions.
  • A giveaway to encourage more engagement, traffic and brand awareness.
  • Small/final campaign for selling your course/program/sessions.

Christmas content marketing timeline

2. You have 2-3 different post options for each day that you get to choose from, all of which have graphics AND captions already done-for-you. Can I get a holla!?

The templates are customizable, so if you choose to change colors or fonts or text, you can do so. The foundation is built for you, so you're only needing to make minor tweaks. This is where you are saving hours of time!

3. The templates are specifically created to reach your goals. Good content hits one or more of the main 4 content pillars: education, connection, entertainment and promotion. The templates were intentionally designed to hit or more of these targets. Add these hits with a strategic timeline and you've got a winning marketing strategy!

holiday templates to reach your social media goals

4. There's also an eBook with some tips and things to make it extra, but honestly, all you really need are captions written out for you and graphics to go along with it. Posting will take you literally MINUTES or even better, schedule ahead so your posts are being posted FOR YOU. Your business IG really can be running on auto pilot when you schedule ahead! #winning

So, I really don't know what else to say other than you need this. You really do. Your business needs it, your kids need it, your sanity needs this. 

And what better time than now to get it when it's on a flash sale. Grab The Life Coach Christmas Content Marketing Strategy now until November 18th where you can get 30% off! Reach your goals and actually enjoy this holiday season!

the life coach christmas content marketing strategy

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